OWSUS was founded by Randy Feuilly in 2014.

Randy started his career as a commercial programmer. Later as a volunteer for the Sheriff of Durango, Colorado he was eventually asked to become a full time Victim Advocate. Randy served 11 years in this capacity and brings hands on knowledge with his extensive background.

Shortly afterwards, his daughter, Clarisa, became the office manager for the District Attorney in Cortez, CO inheriting 3 victim advocates who were using a manual paperwork and grant reporting system that was in total chaos. She approached her father to see if there was a better way of doing things vs the paper based archaic process she was dealing with.

Randy started a pilot project with all the stakeholders in the DA’s office which led to the development of a case management and grant reporting custom software that reduced the workload by over 70%. This application soon became the commercially viable VSTracking software.

In the following year Randy deployed the software to the cloud. Word of mouth spread from DA to DA throughout Colorado and soon adding Police and Sheriff’s Departments and various non-profits in Colorado and then eventually to other States. As of today, VSTracking is in use by around 4,000 users in 34 states.

In 2021, OWSUS will deploy an Enterprise version of VSTracking software that will be available as a multi-user license version for use by large and small organizations.

Additionally, this year the company is also completing the development of Crime Management Solutions (CMS) which is an offshoot of the VSTracking software that is specifically designed as a case management application for Law Enforcement agencies.

OWSUS has also created a new entity called VSTrainingEDU to deliver content, podcasts, blogs, and online self-taught tutorials as well as the delivery of live Webinars to our Advocate and Law Enforcement clients as a useful and meaningful resource library.

All three new products will roll out in 2021.